Types of Messages you Can Put on LED Scrollers

Most LED scrollers are perfect for shop fronts, high rise buildings, wall lighting or commercial establishments. They have high visibility especially in the dark which makes them perfect for targeting certain consumer groups. The best thing about these LED scrollers is that they can be programmed to fit certain messages easily and display is also quick and easy. All you have to do is to type in your message in the included keypad and store it. When you hit the play button the message will automatically start displaying itself.

Single and multiple line messages

There are single line messages like welcome, thank you and sale signs that can be projected on LED displays. The advantage with these types of signs is they are easily visible even in very dim lighting. The powerful inbuilt programs included with these screens mean that you have to just program what and how many times the screen should flash.

Multiple line messages can be part of an advertising occasion, festive wishes for a joyous occasion, details of a special event or new product information. You can feed in whatever messages you want on the accompanying keypad and the message will appear on the screen.

High pixel size

Led scrollers designs in Sunshine Coast have high display screens with the capacity of displaying messages in high pixel. If you go for premium LED scrollers then they will come with high pixel displays which are up to 15 pixels high. You can feed in specially designed letters and animated characters in your LED scroller. There are options of using the messages stored in an USB port too. Your data messaging and advertising needs can be aptly fulfilled by using LED scrollers.

Trade show display stands, just like the LED scrollers, are effective marketing tool to advertise.


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