Travel Tips for the Smart Traveler

When planning and getting a holiday packages New Caledonia, it is advised to always exercise all the standard safety precautions. Remember, you are a tourist and some people could be looking to make a quick buck from you so be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior, the same way you would back at home in Australia. Pay close attention to the media so you are aware of any changes to travelling conditions when they happen.

If you are going for a holiday trip between November and April, this is normally the cyclone season though one off tropical storms could occur outside this season. Pay close attention to the weather forecast to ensure you are always safe.

Ensure you have a travel insurance so that in case of illness, lost goods or unavoidable travel rescheduling, you are able to be compensated.

Be on the lookout for your health as you enjoy your holiday new Caledonia. Mosquito borne diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya and zika virus are mostly in the rise between February and May, the warm and wet seasons.

Stay out of large public companies and demonstrations that can easily turn violent. The last thing you want to happen to you during your holiday New Caledonia is getting arrested for misconduct.

Let us help you arrange all your travel arrangements including accommodation and the places to visit to avoid last minute inconveniences and overcharging that can happen especially if you travel without having ready accommodation. This can end up being very costly.

We also advise all our clients to carry buy everything they are going to need from Australia. Things like bottled water, first aid kits, bug spray, sunscreen, cameras, swim suits and other effects can literally cost you an arm and a leg if you buy them from New Caledonia. Buy all these in Australia and save a pretty dime.

You cannot go to New Caledonia and not get a taste of the local culture. We have amazing vacation packages that include visits to local villages where you can freely interact with the kanak community and even enjoy their traditional food and learn some of their exotic culture.

It is always good to go with a few goodies such as candy for kids, rechargeable lamps, school materials, disposable cameras, anything you take will be highly appreciated.

Let us help you plan a holiday you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

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