The Lighthouse – Subic Bay

I am a regular customer here.. most of the staff call ‘welcome back Sir Peter’ when I return.  They really do understand maintaining high Quality unlike a lot of Filipino hotels.   If you have friends that are not concerned with price and just want the best in accommodation in Olongapo then send them here.

It is not overly expensive ..but definitely better then the Yacht Club for a close example, that is getting tired.. And like most Filipino establishments, they wait for them to wear out and almost fall down before they start renovation that should have come as rostered maintenance at a much earlier date.



The rooms are great with nice views of the bay and the beach outside the hotel is kept clean.   Which unfortunately I can’t say for the rest of the beach… it is normally filthy; the SBMA (Subic Bay Metro Authority) does very little to maintain the beach, so this hotel takes care of there own little beach peninsular, but only to the border…

Whoever is responsible for cleaning the esplanade (that I believe is Moonbay Marina who hold the land-lease on the wh

ole area) stop cleaning at the esplanade border to the beach.  Don’t bother to ask why.. I already know why and that is this very typically Filipino answer  -‘Thats the SBMA area.. their job to clean’.  I have even seen one dead dog rotting in the waves on the beach.. see the photo.

The restaurant is really good and the general facilities are also all kept up to date… right down to fresh mouthwash dispensed into mini paper cups the Bathroom.  All the soaps and papers are kept up to the minute.


I really like the 720 bar at the bottom of the Lighthouse itself…a circular bar that make really great cocktails; the Filipino Weng-weng is a definite must try!  Great Long Island Ice Tea, not for the faint hearted.   They often have a good one or two piece live music band playing at a good volume.

Service – terrific, make sure you offer a tip because I am well aware that the staff are very poorly paid, and they are all so friendly and beautifully presented.

I hope this information  is helpful for you.. if so let me know by clicking the button, thanks!

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