Terrace Hotel – Olongapo

I really like The Terrace Hotel and I am a regular customer there.  The rooms are nice and the linen is nice.. the beach front rooms are just that, with a lovely view of the clean esplanade and the bay.

The best part is the roof-top pool and the view from this is the best view of the bay available in Olongapo.   It is also best view back the small ‘On-Base’ city itself (see my photo).   The wonderful clean pool consists of different depths including very shallow, and this I really like for relaxing.   It is really too good… as it attracts a lot of kids on the weekends.  No parents are telling their children to ‘play quietly’ as I always remember being told to do as a kid.  By 2:00pm on weekends it is always a kids screaming competition.


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The rooftop deck pool and bar is serviced by the Weltz Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.  The food is normally great, however I often have to remind them to serve it hot.  Typically Filipino kitchens serve food cold because Filipinos don’t mind that.. but I do.  Try the Beef and Prawn Kebab, served with salad they are always terrific!

Once I was eating at the Weltz restaurant itself downstairs, I asked for a Jack Daniels and coke double (2 nips is standard I thought).. this small drink came with a big bill for around 500pesos.  I questioned what I thought was a mistake and was horrified to hear they charged about 240p a nip, plus tax and service etc.  Pretty mean considering a whole bottle of JD costs only around 850 peso in The Philippines, and this is a duty-free port.

The esplanade and the cleaning of it stops about 5 metres short of the water at the beach, and like the rest of the beach it is almost completely covered in rubbish.  I have seen dead-dogs lapping in the waves here on two occasions.. don’t believe me?   Then check out the photographs!   I am not sure why dead dogs accumulate on the beach in Olongapo.  I have seen 4 in total, 2 of them outside this hotel, one outside Pier One and one at The Lighthouse.  All in the area the SBMA  (Subic Bay Metro Authority) is responsible for.

Whoever is maintaining the esplanade (I believe it is Moonbay Marina Hotel (see my other reviews) who hold the land-lease on the area down to and including Pier One) stop cleaning at the esplanade border.  Don’t bother to ask why.. I already know I would get a very typically Filipino answer ‘Thats the SBMA area.. their job to clean’.

Lots of good beachfront restaurants are around.  The Pier One live-bands are really great entertainment (real talent) and just a very short walk.  If you are in a beach-front room you can hear the bands until around midnight or 1:00pm.  It was a bit annoying occasionally when I was looking for a quiet evening.  Nothing a pair of ear-plugs wont fix… I carry them because I am quite noise-sensitive.

Another thing was noise coming from the conference room above.   I believe the floors are constructed with timber not concrete… because once my hotel room was located below where a conference was being held, and it was like I was inside a drum when they were moving the furniture around.  I didn’t complain however I herein bring this to the hotel managers attention – instruct your staff to be careful and quiet if you must be dragging furniture around in your conference rooms at night, please!

Over all I do recommend the Terrace Hotel.   Typically delightful Filipino staff, and a well maintained hotel in a great location.

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