Swim with a whale shark

If you know how to swim and aren’t afraid of the many sea creatures below the water, choose a trip wherein you can swim freely with the whale sharks. Whale sharks are gentle sea animals and are not known to harm humans. They are friendly and do not mind it when sea tourists swim beside them. Swim with a Whale Shark can be a thoroughly gratifying experience.

A whale shark tour is especially exciting for tourists who love the sea. There is a specific season during which you can opt to go on a tour. You may hire a limo service for your convenience. The season usually begins sometime in May and lasts till the end of September.

In most cases, companies do not allow the tourists to touch or pet the whale sharks (unlike in Dolphin tours, where they do) because whale sharks are endangered species. In this sense, it would be better if you chose a company that offers eco-friendly tours. This will ensure that you are not harming the whale sharks in any way. 

Fishing Trips

Check out the weather outside before you go out Fishing Batemans Bay especially if you are going with kids. This is also applicable if you are planning on using a boat. You don’t want to expose yourself and your family to a potentially dangerous situation so a peek into the daily weather forecast is a must.

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