Novotel Bangna

I give it a pass …. however it is not the very best Novotel.

I used Wotif to book putting ‘Suvarnabhumi’ into the filter as this was just a quick layover.  Wotif presented Novotel as an option and I chose it.  When I went to the Airport-Novotel they told me I was at the wrong one and I had to travel 25km to Bangna.   I took a taxi and it took half an hour and cost about 250 baht one way.  So not very happy with Wotif or whoever listed the hotels and being in Suvarnabhumi when it is actually in Bangna.



From the outside the building is very impressive.  The concierge is very efficient opening my taxi door and getting all the luggage.   Check-in was quite slow.   The concierge took my room number and sent me up the lift first, and that I like.  Then they following on up bringing my luggage and get the tip.  Concierge were very good both going-in and checking-out.

The room was okey, a bit small and didn’t seem as new or modern as the building looked from outside.   However I didn’t book a very expensive room.  The mattress and linen was fine, pillows are  okey.

I went down for dinner and chose the buffet.   It was good, but not cheap at 850 baht.   They carved meat off the bone and had prawns and smoked salmon sashimi too.   The problem was, there was no drinks included.  Not even water.   I requested water and they served what appeared to be a service water from a refillable glass bottle..  I had two.  I was charged 60 baht for each water and though that this was quite unreasonable.

The wake up call was on time and the check-out seemed more efficient than the check-in.

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