Conrad Bangkok – A pleasant Surprise!

I have stayed in so many different high-star hotels in Bangkok and normally always head straight back to Kempinski.. mainly for the pools, huge grounds and grand lobby, costing me around $300 to $400 a night. I couldn’t get into Kempinski for one night of the four I planned to spend in Bangers this time, and looked to Conrad Hotel as just place to squat just that one night.


Conrad Hotel at Bangkok

The room at Conrad cost about $210 and it is a 5-star, so pretty typical.. fairly competitive. I really didn’t expect much and wanted to get the sleep over with. I was very impressed on arrival at the grand lobby, as it seemed almost as grand as Kempinski. The room was nice, straight into a King room just like I booked. I really get quite mad when hotels try to put me in a single bed and it seems to happen to me all the time… none of that here. The bathroom was nice and I was particularly impressed with the gowns! I don’t normally bother with gowns but these were big, soft and fluffy things… really awesome, but accompanied by cheap disappointing slippers.

I tried to connect to Wi-Fi as you do to let family know I have arrived safely… “No Wi-Fi included in your room sorry” …disappointed! I don’t pay extra for Wi-Fi as a matter of principal. It is like an air-conditioning in Asia… should be included without mention.



The beds were nice and I was fully impressed with a Pillow Menu! Loving tall firm pillows, I really need them to sleep and I can never find them. 5-star hotels for some reason almost always provide loose-filled feather pillows that flatten down quickly and drive me crazy, depriving me of any sleep. Not at Conrad, it is only the 3rd Bangkok hotel that I have found a pillow menu in. Very impressed!

After a nice sleep I thought I would have breakfast, that wasn’t included in my room price. At 890 Baht for the buffet it was typically expensive for a Thai 5-Star. Although that did include coffees…. I have paid that much for buffets in the past only to be billed for my coffee on top. The breakfast buffet food was nice, and the restaurant was nicely set behind glass enclaving the lobby below. Typically nice Thai service was appreciated.

Then it is time to head to the pool… remember great swimming pools and grounds are what I look for in a hotel. What a delightful surprise… like a mini Kempinski grounds. Various pools in ‘nooks and crannies’, waterfalls… nice outdoor furniture.. very nice.



Other than the couple of small things I mentioned, over all I was pleasantly surprised. especially given the saving in comparison to Kempinski in price. So I am going to stay at Conrad for 3 nights or so on my next months trip.. I may have found a new regular hotel if they continue to be good.

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