Rent a car whats important to know

You can’t compete with the comfort and simplicity the renting a car overseas allows. After few hours of flight, standing in line and strolling suitcases you get to the comfort zone – brand new car that is waiting for you at the covered airport parking lot. The comforting beep of the central locking system lead to the promised vacation. The suitcases are chucked into the car, the family is getting into position and you can start driving.

Car paint & signage

Car is happiness isn’t it, but that is mixed with some pain. You could wake up in the morning and find that kids were spraying your car with paint or just find deep scratch that left you anonymous parking fellow. You could go to a painter, argue with the insurance broker but it is also possible to fix it by yourself without living an empty wallet.

Changing prices

Usually it is easier to rent a car from where you live. in small towns and small airports you could find cars from unknown companies in very low prices, such as rental car in Gold Coast airport. The risk and is in most cases very slim.

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