Hiring a Limo Service

You must be sure of credibility and reliability of the chosen limos Perth company. In case a friend or relative has used a particular service, you can always ask them for an opinion.

If this is not possible, you can ask the limo service to provide you with a list of referrals who could give you dependable views. If the company is unable to supply a ready list of references, it becomes difficult to assess the dependability of the service.

Cancellation option

Before finalising your option, it is advisable to ask the service about their policy on cancellation. In case they do not refund deposits made in advance in event of cancellation of booking, you can re-think your decision. It is better to choose a limo service that would not forfeit the deposit, as last moment plan changes might call for a cancellation.


It is important for the service to be able to take your call at any given time. You might need to contact them after or before business hours, so make sure they can be reached 24*7.

Physical verification

Checking out the vehicle in person before booking it is always better as you can be sure of the make, design and amenities. In case it is not possible to visit the site on your own you could ask the service to mail photographs or check if they have it on their website. This is important to make sure the car does not look worn out and meets your expectations.

Driver record

Hiring a limo means you entrust the chauffeur with your safety. It is extremely important to make sure the driver has a clean background in terms of no criminal record. Also he must have complete knowledge of the area of service and take you to your holiday accommodation without a trouble. A good driver will ensure you have a pleasant journey. If you got involved in a car accident, consult immediately with an expert accident lawyer to know how you will be compensated. See Whale Shark Tour.

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