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Ha, thank you Tripadvisor for my new ‘badge’ of Hotel Expert, and add that I only write to help other travellers; and that I love to write.

On arrival at any hotel I love an express check in, especially at night, and this time it was about 11:00pm with around 12 hours of travelling behind me.  Even at this time of night the Reception and Concierge was in full swing…with a quick signature and I.D check I found myself upstairs with all my luggage in a matter of a couple of minutes and a few nice smiles… I felt like a rock star would being whisked away after a concert – brilliant, really really happy.

The 1 bedroom suite I had chosen was about 90m2 in size and eloquently furnished.  Every single piece in the room, from the dining table to the bedroom mirror I would choose for my own home.  All very tasteful and went perfectly with the theme of ‘Royal Suite’ with big throne-like seats and royally fashioned trimmings.å

The suite was centrally wired for lighting, air-conditioning and most other things (like do not disturb etc) all cabled back to a bed-side remote control system.  Additionally dimmer controls all around the suite for multiple different mood-light setting anyone could ever need.  The king bed was comfortable, and pillows very nice.  Robes and thick fluffy towels check, check.

While all this was great, the room interior linings had clearly suffered from water leaks.   The hotel could do with some roofing repairs and the ceilings re-painting to bring it back to good condition. The suite was a little void of natural light with only small glass sliding doors off the lounge and the bedroom.  There were two small windows in the bathroom, one in the shower and one beside the bathtub.  However I was not at the beach in Thailand to chase light inside my room!

The bathroom was like the rest of the suite, very nice; but then to the shower….oh no it was the classic-Thai scolding hot, or fridge cold, take your pick.  I have stayed in so much different Thai 4 to 5 star accommodation ,  after a couple of days I worked out the hot water was delivered in gushes of about 45 seconds then going cold.  So I worked out a system of just leaving the hot tap on full and moving the cold up or down as the water temperature fluctuated.  (PS – the hot tap turned-on clockwise and cold turned-on anticlockwise…just to confuse the issue even further!)   I had earlier read a review from another traveller on this hotel who complained about this water temperature problem, so I had anticipated it.    I imagine this would need a complete overhaul of the hot water system or something I guess, but I’m no plumber.  There is absolutely no point in wasting time reporting this to maintenance or reception…there is nothing the staff can or will do but act like there is no problem, and wait until you get tired complaining and give up…classic Thai style problem solving.  The Jacuzzi bath looked nice but I didn’t make use of it with my short stay and with the warm climate.  However would be a good alternative to the annoying shower.

The Wifi was free (as it should be in any hotel if they want guests), however I did have to get a little piece of paper with a log-in number from reception.  I lost it and called for another one…I swear it would have been less than 45 seconds before the doorbell rang and a cute little shy Thai stood there and presented me with a new one.  She must have skated up she was that quick!  It took a few goes to log-in, but when it did it was one of the fastest and reliable Asian hotel wi-fi’s I have used.

In the morning I invited the cleaner in, and she was very thorough…a little overboard almost.  Such as mopping the balconies each day even if I did not go out there once.  I am happy to say this would be the first Asian hotel that I did not find a long black hair reminiscing from a previous guest.

While the cleaner was busy I decided to head down for breakfast and was delighted to experience another no-fuss welcome.  No waiting to be seated, no ‘can I check you room number’ own no ‘please sign this’… just go ahead and help yourself.  The kitchen was good here.  There was a prompt egg chef and a good selection of both Thai and western style food.  There was an okay little automatic cappachino coffee machine too.

I love to see staff busy cleaning and maintaining the hotels we pay to use.  I watched one carefully cleaning the glass doors on the entrance repeatedly, after all the careless guests repeatedly print their palms over rather than using the handles.  Everything was kept clean with the exception of the light blue lobby lounge suites.  While one of the most amazing sets of furniture I have seen, they were visibly filthily.   They badly need an upholstery cleaner.  However this is another Thai-typical classic thing; I have seen this in so many Thai high-star hotels.

Location – Good and central.  I can see the Hilton hotel less than 1km away on the beach. It is in a great action-packed Soi thats quite reminiscent of a movie set… it has lots of shopping, bars and never short of something to watch unfolding.   The location not right on the beach but that only takes 4 or 5 minutes on a motorbike.  The pool was very nice, and clean.  Just a little cold as the building shaded it much of the day….so not popular with the guests which could see the positive in.

The price was competitive at 3,200 baht (about $100 Australian per night) including breakfast.  The LK group appear to have a number of hotels in the area that I would be confident to try.

As I say LK you got top points from me, and I will definitely be back if seeking accommodation in this area.

I hope you enjoy reading this information as much as I do writing it.  I promise this is a very honest and impartial review as always.  If it has helped you at all please let me know with just 2 seconds of your time by a ‘Helpful’ vote click, or even subscribe to my reviews and follow me to find out about the best and the worst hotels as I reveal them around Australasia.   Thanks 😉

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