What Hair Removal Method Works Best For You?

From waxing to threading to shaving, what’s the best proven method of removing unwanted body hair? Hair removal is one of the most subjective topics that elicits a lot of reactions. Some of us swear by shaving while others can’t imagine going for more than a fortnight without getting waxed. But, which is the most efficient and painless method of hair removal? We are going to look at the main methods then you can go with what you feel is going to work best for you.

• Waxing

This method has been in use for years and years and it involves putting warm wax over the area covered with unwanted hair, then using a paper or cloth strip to chuck the hair from its follicles. If you have coarse or dark hair, this is probably the best hair removal method for you. The advantage of this method is that hair takes longer to grow as you remove hair by the follicle. The main disadvantage is the pain but most people say that the pain diminishes each time you go for waxing. Waxing is great when working with larger surface areas such as your arms, armpits and legs.

• Shaving

This method uses a very sharp razor to take out all the unwanted hair at the skin’s surface. You can use shaving to remove hair from virtually all your body parts and is the go to method for most men. This method works perfectly if you have soft and light hair. The sharper the razor, the better. The main advantage of shaving is that it is painless, when done correctly and it is also quite inexpensive. The disadvantage is that it only keeps hair away for a few days. Another thing is that you are prone to small but painful cuts. Shaving is a good option if you are in need of a quick fix.

• Threading

This method of getting rid of unwanted hair uses a cotton thread which is twisted around your individual hairs which are then pulled out from the root. This is a perfect choice for eyebrows or tiny patches of unwanted hair.

• Depilatory creams

These chemical based creams break down your hair structure causing them to fall off after a maximum of 10 minutes. They are quite fast and painless and you can expect to stay for quite a while before the hair grows back though not as long as waxing.

• Laser method

The laser hair removal is the closest option you have to permanent hair removal. The process involves an intense shot of light, meaning there is a risk of skin burns and you should only get this service from a certified professional. This method can be subjectively painful but you will get the best result.

There you have it, you just have to stick with what works best for you. Visit hair removal Sydney for more hair removal options.

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