Using Crystals To Align Your Energy

Crystal healing is an energy healing training that uses stones and crystals. Chakras are waves of energy in the body and they rotate and vibrate at different speeds. Like other energy healing techniques, disease states are caused by the imbalance and disharmony of energy in the body, in this case, Chakra.

If the chakras are too widely opened, too much of the energy of the universe would be circulating in the body. If the chakras are too limited in flow, the universal energy cannot enter the body as it should and this may also lead to disease.

Crystals like quartz have a piezoelectric effect meaning that they produce electricity when pressure is applied to them. They produce vibrations when electricity is applied hence the name ‘piezoelectric’. This also makes crystals effective tools for healing. They respond to the energy of the body by helping synchronize and stimulate the energy. The crystals are alive and become our allies in a crystal healing session.

Different stones are usually selected of different color and physical properties depending on the particular chakra problem in different parts of the body. The stones react to the energy of the body and changes the rate at which chakra spins and vibrates eventually resulting in harmony in the body.

A session of crystal healing is usually 60 minutes and the practitioner usually engages the patient and explains why the crystals would work, where they would be placed and its desired effect on the body. Everyone has unique experiences at the end of a crystal healing session. Some experience emotions they have never felt before allowing them to heal. Some experience physical comforts while others have a more discreet and indirect shifting of their chakra.

The problem however is that like other energy healing techniques, no peer reviewed scientific evidence exists that proves the healing effect of crystal which is why it is still considered pseudoscience at this point. The placebo effect is blamed to be the reason crystal healing works for certain patients

It is also possible that crystal healing effects could also be ascribed cognitive bias when those who believe in the practice only see the things that they desire and completely ignore evidence to the contrary.

Crystal healing techniques also work on animals, although some veterinarians warn against the use of methods that are not scientifically proven and everything should be fine under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

As with other non-scientific methods and energy healing techniques the practice of crystal healing can be actively hazardous to patients or possibly even fatal if it results in people delaying consult to a physician or delaying life-saving treatment backed by scientific evidence for crystal healing.

We must however, open our minds to things unexplained by science. We must remember that healing is an agreement by three beings: God, the healer and the person being healed meaning that healing is a choice the patient must make as well. Healing and well-being is a choice and choosing the method by which we get healed is just as important as being healed in the first place.

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