Thai massage

Unlike the Swedish massage the Thai massage is being done on mattress laying on the floor. During the Thai massage the therapist and the patient both are wearing airy, comfortable cloths to get maximum movement without any disturbance.

The therapy begins where the patients is laying supine and the massage therapist shake his body lightly. The shake, in a similar rhythm as an embryo in him mum’s uterus, lays on the body the same security feeling the body feels while inside laying at the mum’s uterus.

The mobile massage Brisbane Gold Coast, in a later phase, will move to the ‘Sens’. Following the belief from the far east man has energy channels. The therapist has to unclog these channel and therefor bring the therapist to a healthier state.

“Sen” is an energy channel going throw the human body following the Thai beliefs (similar to “Meridian” in the Chines belief). During the Thai massage the therapist is going throw all the “Sens” using long pressures in set gaps.

Additionally – there are stretches and curves being done on the patient’s body using the weight of the body in certain angels.

Following the soft round movements of the Thai massage – some are calling the massage as “Yoga for Two” and also some of the technics bring s the patient to similar states of yoga passively (therefor Thai massage is also know as “Yoga for the lazy”)

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