Medical massage

Medical massage is a precise method using knowledge in anatomy and familiarity if the skeleton as well as the muscles systems. Medical massage is different from normal massage due to the emphasis on the anatomic structure and deep understanding of the orthopaedic systems (muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints).

The treatment in holistic, for example, put emphasis on the connection in-between the body and soul, its goal is to allow relaxation to the the patient and the medical massage, is meant for physical treatment more then a mental treatment.

The medical massage, demands form the masseuse, massage Brisbane, high technical skills more than in holistic massage, or Swedish massage and includes in it wide observation of the skeleton and the muscles systems, part of those technic are stretched and passive movement of the joints.

It is called Medical massage because it uses knowledge for the western medicine. Medical massage, due to its orthopaedic character fit mainly for problems in the skeleton and muscles problems and very efficient for treat back pains.

The result of the medical massage for back pains are quite quick, it is possible to get relief in small number of treatments and sometimes some relief is felt after the first treatment.

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