Couples massage

Couples massage is not necessarily for treatment, but type of experience that allows the clients to share among themselves quality time in relaxing,romantic atmosphere.

The couples treatment is taking place on two beds ordered in a way that allows the partners to have swap eye connection, verbal communication, and if they wish also physical.

The space where the massage happens has clean romantic, atmosphere lit lobby or with candles, with fragrant smells and pleasant incense. The music at the background, on very low volume is set by the partners and following the mood and the energy levels.

Couple massage, by Brisbane massage, includes, usually, elements taken from number of massage technics, though those whom are considerate to be extra pleasing and have enough in them to To enhance the sense of indulgence and relaxation. The massage uses a combination of aromatic oils, the pace of the therapy id slow and has no “procedure”, unlike other common known treatments.

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