Summer Birthday

Someone who is born in Summer has the wonderful opportunity of celebrating their birthday outdoors. In regions where it is really tropical and hot in Summer, a pool party, beach party or even a party in the park are great ideas.

Birthday cakes Brisbane for Summer parties offer the opportunity to really get creative and incorporate Summer activities and things that characterize Summer. Sandy beaches, blue seas, beach balls, buckets and spades and even cakes depicting Summer cocktails are all great ideas.

Summer does present another hiccup in that you don’t often feel like eating sweet things like that. A great idea for a Summer party is to incorporate something nice and refreshing with the birthday cake. Perhaps have birthday cakes that are made from ice cream. This is always a hit with children teens and even adults.

Ice cream birthday cakes can be made in different flavors or even layered to cater for everyone’s tastes. They can be capped with chocolate or decorated with a picture or even sprinkled with the birthday person’s favorite sweets. For adults the cake can be infused with a little alcohol just for a surprise touch.

A great idea instead of actual birthday cakes is to make ice cream cupcakes which are places in cone cups. Perhaps for smaller children, you can lay out a few bowls of toppings and let them create their own masterpieces.


A Summer party is really the chance to do something different and to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and what better way than with ice cream. We all associate Summer with this wonderful and delectable treat.

Perhaps make all the treats available some kind of flavored iced water or frozen and sugared fruit treats and even cold jelly shots with hidden jelly sweets inside them. Make it fun and frivolous just as summer should be.

Use the time to take play silly beach games, throw a few frisbees back and forth and even hold a beach cricket tournament, all in the name of fun of course. Hire a few canoes and paddle out on the water or simply take a dip in the cool, blue ocean and all while catching up on your Vitamin D intake. Of course it is Summer so always take the necessary precautions against the sun and wear brightly colored sunblock and provide big beach umbrellas for your guests to relax underneath.

Summer is a time for fun, sun, surf and great company so make the most of your Summer birthday.

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