Water Sports Safety Tips

It is summer at last! Time for all the outdoor activities you have planned throughout the year. Probably water sports are at the top of your list such as water skiing, wake boarding or Ski Tubes . Water sports can be challenging and fun. However, you need to be cautious while engaging in water sports. Water skiing and any other activity, a general awareness and alertness is necessary; but with water sports some extra precautions are required to avoid mishaps.

Learn to Swim

The first thing to do before you engage in any kind of water sports is to learn to swim. If you are a good swimmer, you will feel comfortable and be confident in the water. Adults should take advanced lessons so that they are equipped to help children and other participants who may be experiencing difficulties.

Plan and Prepare

When you plan a water sports event ( wakeboarding, water skiing, ski tubes etc ), plan well in advance, particularly if you are new to this sort of thing. Make sure your boat and any other equipment are working fine. Keep life jackets handy. Carry along plenty of fluids to drink in between. Bring along a horn, a mobile phone, or other communication device. Carry a first aid kit with you and know how to use it. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Apply sun block cream over all the exposed parts before you set out. Keep anti histamines, sea sickness pills and other medication

Let people know

If you are planning a trip for the purpose of water sports, before you embark on the trip, let people know what you plan to do, where you are likely to be and when you plan to return. Then keep in constant touch with them by calling them at least once a day to let them know that you are safe.

One important part for any outdoor sport is the line marking – you can see these on basketball courts, tennis courts and others.

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