The Five golden rules for the perfect evening dress

The first rule is to get the correct fit as an ill fitted dress is not going to look good however expensive it might be.

The second is the cut – accentuate the best part of your body and hide your flaws by choosing the right cut. For example, if you have a toned back, choose a backless version.

The third rule is to check the material of the fashion clothing. Go for satin or silk if you want a glamorized look.

The fourth rule is choosing the color that sets off your complexion. If you have very fair pinkish skin, pastel shades and muted reds will work best while golden skinned women should choose colors with brighter hues, like orange or jewel green.

The fifth and most important rule is to follow the instructions on how to clean them otherwise you could end up ruining your carefully brought perfect evening dress.

You can sign up with the gym in your locality and chances are that you’ll have access to the state-of-the-art gym equipment. But your work commitments, the need to pay recurring fees, the indifferent attitude of the trainers might discourage you from going for gym membership. You can set up a modest gym in your home and plan a flexible workout program. But consider these aspects before setting up a gym.  Are you going to invest in a treadmill or an exercise bike just because it is being touted as a great piece of equipment for getting rid of the flab around your abdomen and thighs? You need to workout to get you ready once you wear your cocktail dress.

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