Location Where Coffee Beans Grown

Coffee beans grown in different regions of the world have different aromas and flavours. It is important to know exactly what flavour and taste the beans will produce when brewed.

Coffee is mainly grown in America (South and Central countries), Jamaica and Hawaii (Exotic), Java and Sumatra (Pacific regions) and Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia). The climate and type of soil are responsible for the variations in flavours.

Roast Style

When picked coffee beans are green. They have to be roasted before they are ready to be brewed. There are many ways to roast the beans and depending on the style of the roast, the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans vary.

American Roast: This is a fairly mild roast which imparts a flavour which is not to strong. The American roast is also known as regular roast.

French Roast: French roasted coffee beans have a strong flavour because the beans are heavily roasted. The brew has a dark chocolate brown colour.

Italian Roast: Coffee beans roasted in the Italian style are mainly used in espresso coffee. It has a strong flavour and a blackish brown colour.

European Roast: This is a mix of two styles of roasting which consists of 60% heavy roast and 40% regular roast.

Viennese Roast: Viennese Roast is also a blend consisting of 35% heavy roast and 65% regular roast.

If you take the time to study and sample the flavours and aromas of the different types of coffee beans online, you can create your own unique blends.

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