Important Hawaiian Party Supplies

The best thing would be to use natural products from Hawaii. However not all people will have access to the real thing, so using intelligent artificial substitutes is the next best option.

A must have for an authentic Hawaiian theme is palm trees. If you buy real ones, nothing like it otherwise get life size artificial ones. If you are running on a tight budget, get little plastic palm trees which you can use as pretty table pieces.

Get lots of artificial flowers especially brightly colored tropical ones like hibiscus. Again, natural flowers would look best but it is difficult to procure and besides they have no reuse value. Drape trailing plastic vines around chairs and the bar table. Many event organizers rent out artificial/fresh leaf decorations especially for these parties.

You will also get bags full of red lava rocks from Hawaiian party supplies which you can arrange in shallow dishes or trays. If you have tribal decorative pieces in your home, arrange them as centerpieces in your trays.

Ask your party supplier to give you a lot of artificial pineapples and coconuts. You can use the real version of these fruits in your centerpiece along with beautifully colored tropical powers. Get a lot of plastic coconut shaped cups with straws to serve cocktails in and skip those formal wine glasses.

Another important thing to get as Hawaiian party supplies is lights. Get white lights strung together in thin strings and hang them around trees. Your party will also need a bonfire so keep necessary material handy.

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