Car Safety Tips for Parents

As a parent or responsible guardian you must be constantly watchful to see that nothing hampers the safety of your precious children. When you are travelling by car with your kids you can follow a few simple tips to see to it that your kids are safe and secure.

Keep an eye on hygiene

Cars are used quite frequently by all types of people. Perhaps this is why car seat covers and furnishings become breeding grounds of bacteria and other micro organisms. People don’t pay much attention to cleaning their Sheepskin car seat covers and they are unpleasantly puzzled when their kids seem to pick up germs after all their car journey.

Children are naturally careless and are going to make a mess inside the car. The car seat straps and covers are bound to get dirty and spotted with food stains. It’s easy to maintain normal car seat covers because you can machine wash them but don’t try to clean your car straps by machine wash.

Car straps can be damaged by rough washing and can malfunction so is better to clean the spots individually by a soft brush.

Choose your car safety options

You might think that using all possible car safety mechanisms is good for protecting your children. For instance you might be tempted to put on car straps as well as the latch system for ensuring the security of your children. However this is a big mistake as car seats are tested for crashes using only one security system.

Your manual will contain all instructions for you to understand which system would be appropriate for your car. Never ever use both security systems simultaneously.

Warm up your car

Your family must be well swathed in woolens during the chilly winters but be sure that your kid is not wearing a fluffy coat while you put on the seat belt. The puffy garment will prevent the car seat belts from functioning properly.

A better alternative is to warm up the car properly and then put on the blanket after putting the seat belts.


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