Black Dress – What Accessories to Wear?

The neckline of your black dress determines how many accessories you’re really going to have to wear to augment the dress’s look. Depending on the style of your neckline, you can choose to wear jewelry accordingly. Like for instance, if your dress has a simple jewel neckline, then you can easily opt to wear necklaces of any length you’d like.

But beware of the choker

That’s the only neckpiece which is a no-no with this type of neckline. In the case of the square or scoop necklines, you have to be careful that the necklace is neither too short or too long for the neckline. For those of you who like chokers very much, pick a strapless black dress for it. If yours is the V-shaped neckline, then a simple, classy pendant will suffice.

Body Type

Another aspect which needs to be duly looked at before accessorizing the black dress, it is your body type. Experts advise that the choice of accessories should enhance your appearance without making it seem over-the-top.

For instance if you’re a tall woman, then long necklaces would look great on your black dress. In case of short, petite women, large, chunky jewelry will overpower their look, and hence create a bad impression. On the contrary, such jewelry would be the perfect choice for curvaceous ladies.

Having a great body is more appealing when you wear a dress. Make it a habit to exercise three times a week even at home by using exercise machines such as treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machines, upright bikes, etc.

Black Off Shoulder Dress

One can also experiment with gaudy single color jewelry as red, blue necklaces with trendy earrings. Solitaire diamonds can work very well on Black Dresses.

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