A Guide to Maternity Clothes

You are probably thrilled about becoming a new mom. However, the effect of pregnancy is going to have on your wardrobe may be a cause of concern. You wouldn’t want to wear tent like garments all those months and look like a slob. Traditional maternity clothes like loose maxis and baggy t-shirts are history now. Having a baby does not automatically translate into a fashion disaster if you are clever enough. Follow some simple tips, shop smartly and be a trendy mama. For tips, click here.

Stick to Your Comfort Zone

If you are not comfortable wearing flowers, polka dots or ultra feminine stuff, you don’t have to revamp your entire wardrobe just because you are pregnant. Don’t follow any “pregnant lady look” stereotype. You can still enjoy and be pretty with black dresses even if you have a bump.

Leading designers say that sticking to your comfort zone is much better as you are used to carrying off those styles with élan. For example, if you are fond of black and khakis, ignore all superstitions and carry on wearing those colors.

A great trick for using your old jeans even when you are in your later stages of pregnancy is the rubber band secret. Simply tie one end of a cut rubber band around one of your buttons and loop it around the other. This will hold your jeans together and give your baby bump breathing space.

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