Why You Should Test Your Electrical Appliances?

Air conditioners draw a lot of electricity and can be responsible for fire or electric shock if not maintained properly. They are doubly insulated devices which depend solely on the internal insulation. It is important to test them for insulation and leakage before installation, as any leakage can be lethal.


Television too is used almost every day at a home and has to be tested. The tests include safety of the internal components, the external buttons, TV and USB cables and external openings, wiring and others. This way you will not be in for a shock when switching your television on.


Kettles, toasters and similar appliances are again earthed ones. The testing should be done to ensure the insulation is proper. As the connections can’t really be seen or understood by a layman, it is important to get these tested by professionals to avoid electric shocks or insulation problems.

Blenders/ Grinders

Blenders and grinders too need to be visually and manually tested. These appliances are used daily, and there are several parts which a person holds or touches while operating them. One has to make sure that all parts are properly insulated and are safe to use.

Portable Outlet Devices

Keep checking for any warning signs about the optimum load that can be connected to the portable electrical device. The sign must not only be intact but also legible too.

Keep a keen eye on the operating controls. They must be secured and aligned appropriately. The ventilation exhausts must remain unobstructed. Appliances especially in kitchens must be checked accordingly.

The current rating of a plug must be checked consistently.

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