Wedding Photography Tips from an Expert

If you are a novice photographer and you want to venture into wedding photography, then here are some tips from an expert wedding photographer to help you capture those emotional moments. See Wedding Photography Sydney

Create a list

Prior to the wedding day, always ask the couple on how they want their special day photographed, either candid or directed photos. It is also vital that the couple lets you know the very important people who should be photographed with them. In wedding photography, there are instances when the couple would question the photographer why they do not see photos of very important people.

Be a boy scout

A wedding photographer must always act like a boy scout. Always be prepared for the unexpected. The weather might not be cooperative on that day so be ready with flashes. You should pack extra batteries, extra memory cards, extra roll of film. Ideally, check the place before the wedding day so you know how and where to position yourself. Little details make a huge difference in wedding photography.

Bring two cameras

Everything happens quickly- a loving hug from the parents, bride getting off from the bridal car, etc., so a wedding photographer must be ready to take these special moments. Thus, the need for two cameras is needed- one with wide angle lens and one with zoom lens.

Learn how to position yourself

For you to be able to get good shots, you need to position yourself without causing any distraction. Wedding photography can be tricky because you need to get good shots, including close-up shots, without causing any distraction while the ceremony is going on. Additionally, be careful when using the flash because it can be a little annoying for some. Thus, the use of larger apertures is recommended.

Changing perspective

A novice wedding photographer must learn how to take shots on different angles. You can position yourself in many different ways, like standing up on top of a chair or by kneeling down. You can see that the many angles add certain dimension on a photograph.

Take a group shot

This is a challenge in wedding photography. The idea is to take a shot of all the guests with the bride and groom in one single photo. First, you need to practice how to take group shots, especially if the number of guests is big. Then, you need you to need to learn how to angle yourself (experts do it with the help of a ladder) so you can have a wide shot. The challenge for a novice wedding photographer is how to be creative so as to take a good group shot.

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