Wedding Photography Packages

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there who will offer you different wedding photography packages. Some charge a few hundred bucks while others may charge a bit more for extra services like videography. How do you choose the best wedding photography package? How do you know the service you will get is worth your money?

The cost of wedding photography packages differ from one wedding photographer to another. The most important thing is you make sure you get the best quality wedding photos.

Here are a few basic things wedding photography packages should offer:

  • Full photography coverage of your wedding and soft copies either through an online album or through CDs. Most wedding photography packages will offer unlimited number of photos while some may. Make sure you ask the photographer before hiring.
  • Some wedding photography packages are priced according to the time range. Hire wedding photographer that will give you enough options. Wedding photography packages usually starts from a minimum of four hours to a whole day.
  • The wedding photographer must give you printing rights on all your wedding photos.

Wedding photography packages may have the following as add-ons:

  • A slideshow of your pictures with background music saved in a DVD is what most couples choose as add-on for their wedding photography package. This extra service is a big hit especially if the photographer lets the couple choose the music.
  • Picture enlargements which the couple can choose.
  • A wedding album of 30-300 pages. Some wedding photography packages may also offer an option of additional pages.

Some wedding photography packages may have these attractive extras but might cost a lot:

  • An engagement photo shoot
  • An album from the engagement photo shoot that can appear in the wedding slideshow.
  • Coffee table books, canvas wraps, thank you cards, and personalized guest books

Among these wedding photography packages add-ons the engagement photo session is one of the most attractive as it will be a great way to test the photographer’s skills and get comfortable around each other’s presence.

It is smart to talk to a few wedding photographers first and compare their terms and prices before signing a contract. Some wedding photography packages may cost less but some may have better add-ons.

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