One of the most sophisticated and highly paying, but under rated and over criticized jobs is the stripper industry. Strip clubs have been around for a very long time and honestly, many men appreciate it and very few people who think they know about it, but do not, criticize it. Having said that, what is great in the strip club circle? This is a fairly common question which many people ask. This article will be dedicated to answering those questions and busting pre held notions and conceptions about strippers. Any middle class man, with more than 40 hours a week and a tight schedule of work will know how important it is to vent the steam. What better way than the strip club, where a controlled environment not only lets the pressure out, but also keeps the man motivated for another grueling week of work.

There are many stories doing the rounds. Some are like strippers are unethical and unreliable. Others say that strippers have been forced into the industry. Some claim that strippers have no education. All these statements are rubbish. Many stripper associations donate a part of their income to development and empowerment funds and the future of many people is made better through such donations. They are highly ethical women with a good knowledge of cultural norms and social etiquette.

Every one among four strippers is a graduate and many of the others enter the industry to augment their tuition fees and find it as a source for quick money. These women also have excellent communication skills and have a business acumen that would surprise many people in the world. Many strippers are art graduates and use this job as income filler while they search for a permanent job.

It is wrong to state that strippers are forced into the industry. Studies and interviews involving a large number of strippers say that they come into the job willingly and have a high level of job satisfaction, which is absent in many other such occupations. They find the strip club industry as a very viable and well paying source of money with plenty of benefits. For starters, they could work at night and rest, take care of family or study during the daytime, so that their common schedule is not interrupted. They have very less working hours too and earn equally as a programmer in a reputed company. The strip clubs treat them well with respect. These women take highly calculated decisions before entering the industry and none of them regret it.

The strip club industry is no different from any other workforce organizations. It is well paying than most others and has a large number of self respecting, satisfied women strippers.

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