Methods Employed by Carpet Cleaning Services Companies

If you ever wonder how carpet cleaning services make your carpets free from stains, mites, and other debris, this article will educate on you on the different methods that are employed to clean your prized carpet. Not only do these methods clean the carpet, it can also restore the natural beauty and make it look like brand new again.

Bonnet cleaning

This is also referred to as dry carpet cleaning method employed by carpet cleaning services companies. It is not completely dry cleaning because a wet solution is sprayed on the carpet before a powerful vacuum with a bonnet or absorbent pad at the bottom is used to absorb the dirt from the carpet. The bonnet is attached to a rotating motor that is designed to loosen-up the fibers of the carpet, thereby, allowing the vacuum to absorb the dirt.

Hot water extraction

This method used by carpet cleaning services use a steam vacuum that can penetrate the very bottom of the carpet. A truck-mounted equipment is employed as it sprays hot water and a cleaning solution on the carpet. Then, the dirt and other debris are extracted and sucked-up by the machine that goes to the truck-mounted equipment.


The other method employed by carpet cleaning services companies is shampooing the carpet. A cleaning solution or shampoo is released onto the carpet from the rotary brush of the vacuum cleaner. The revolving action of the brush turns the solution into foam that loosens-up the hardened dirt form the carpet. As the carpet gets dry, the hardened dirt turns into a capsule which the carpet cleaning services then remove to leave the carpet clean and smelling fresh. They also add some solutions that will make the colors of the carpet brighter.

Absorbent dry compound

A dry chemical powder is sprinkled onto the carpet which attracts dirt and hardened debris. The dry powder acts as a magnet to the dirt which then forms into a hardened capsule. Then, a powerful vacuum is used by Carpet cleaning Perth to suck out the hardened capsule from the carpet.

In-plant cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is the most expensive as it involves taking the carpet or rug to the plant and a duster is used to remove all dirt and hardened debris. Then the carpet is washed and left to dry in a controlled environment. Repair is done also so the carpet will look like brand new.

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