Kinds of Belongings you shouldn’t keep in Storage for a Long Duration

In today’s time of constant travel and transfers, people often need to relocate for temporary periods of time to new cities or countries for projects and work. While in most cases, families preferred to take their household belongings with them during a move, in today’s time, many single executives choose not to. Moving from one city to any other part of the world is now not considered a big deal anymore thanks to the availability of professional removals and agencies. Check the best moving service here.

Important Documents

Your important documents like bank papers, personal identity information and other related papers should always be with you. If you are relocating for a short period of time, it is still advisable to carry them with you or store them in a bank locker instead of a storage facility. Important papers should always be stored carefully after all.

Woolen Clothes

Certain clothing materials and accessories will tend to get spoilt if stored for long periods of time. If you air them out occasionally, you can save these materials from severe damage. However, if you choose to store them in a facility and don’t plan on visiting the storage facility to air out clothing items, it would be better not to store them then!

If you can, store clothes in your relatives or parents’ house. But if the option isn’t available, then sealed the clothes in air tight parcels and put several naphthalene balls to protect them.

Linen and Furnishings

Like clothing, house linen may also get spoilt or attract fungus when stored for long periods of time. It would be better to dispose of old linen instead of storing them for long periods of time.

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