How To Create The Best Cleaning Schedule

A cleaner’s schedule is a daily, weekly, monthly plan on how and when you want to clean your house. It can be a simple plan or a very complex spreadsheet that accounts to every duty you want to do and at what specific day. The choice is all up to you, it can be such a task to find time to clean your house especially if you are juggling between family and work.

With all the activities taking place you are more likely to run out of time to do proper house cleaning in this case its advisable to create a schedule. It is not as hard as it sounds but once you have put your head into it actually becomes less stressful since you have a scheduled plan of making sure everything is neat and tidy.

Get ready

The first thing you would want to do is make sure you have all the needed facilities. You should have a nice idea on how you want your house to look like and after how much time would you like to re-embark in the exercise- a day, a week, a month. If you have a family, consider including them in your cleaning schedule.

Look at every room in your house and decide what you want to clean and how often you would like to clean it. While writing your schedule, let every goal be as realistic as possible. The following is an example of cleaning kitchen tasks:

• Wipe all surfaces- Daily
• Mop the floor- Weekly
• Empty the trash bin-Weekly
• Clean the kitchen cabinet- Weekly

At this point, it is very important that you do not feel overwhelmed. Finish the schedule so you have a clear idea on what and when you will carry out your duties.

Group tasks with time

The next task is to group the tasks according to the time that you will be doing them for example:

• Daily tasks: wipe the kitchen surfaces; wipe the bathroom surfaces, empty dishwasher, and general cleaning
• Weekly tasks: clean toilet, vacuum, do laundries, empty bins, change beddings, etc
• Monthly tasks: deep cleaning, house shopping, clean doors, wash car, etc

Seasonal and annual tasks respectively, please note that there is no right or wrong way in creating your schedule. This is because people are different and require specific cleaning at different times.


It is important to stay as realistic as possible so that your schedule can work for you with commercial cleaning Melbourne at its best. Once you have determined the time you are available to accomplish the cleaning tasks, print them out for you or your family to follow. Although the whole process may look overwhelming at first, you will realize that creating a schedule can be liberating.

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