A Hotel Cleaner and a Happy Guest

The cleanliness of a hotel has a strong impact on the reputation of a hotel. The guests would normally rate the hotel based on its cleanliness. Thus, the duties of a hotel cleaner are very critical in the good reputation of the hotel.

Not everyone can become a cleaner in the hotel. Yes, it is true that secondary education is the basic requirement, but the person must be physically fit and can endure long hours of tiring work in order to become a successful hotel cleaner. The job requires the pushing of a cleaning cart which is very heavy as the cart contains towels, linen, toiletry supplies, cleaning tools, among others. Just imagine pushing the cleaning cart from room to room. Then, of course, changing the bed linens is not an easy task. Thus, if you want to become a hotel cleaner, you need to have stamina and strength to endure long hours of physical work.


An efficient hotel cleaners equals a happy guest. All guests expect their room to be in a spic and span condition, meaning the room is flawless and spotless. Upon arrival, the hotel room is where they rest after a long travel so they expect nothing but very clean and orderly hotel rooms.

When the guests check out from the hotel, the hotel room will be stripped down. The linens and towels are replaced with new ones. The carpets undergo steam cleaning in order to remove all forms of dirt and allergens. The beds are also disinfected to kill bed bugs. Then the hotel cleaner will wipe all the furniture, the doors, the windows, among others.

The bathroom will be cleaned, disinfected, and sprayed to remove all foul smell. The rubbish will be thrown away and the linings replaced.

After the strip down process, the hotel cleaner will replace essentials such as coffee, herbal tea, and bottled water. The suites will have fresh fruits and snacks.

If one will look at it, the cleanliness and orderliness of a hotel room are the main factors that will make the guests happy or not. The guests want to have their money’s worth and they base it on service and the appearance of the hotel room.

You can find cleaning agencies online that provide the services of a hotel cleaner. The reputation of the hotel is based on the ratings that guests provide and most often, the hotel rooms are big factors in giving a five star rating.

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