Tips for Home Staging

You may be selling the house but the yard goes with it. And your prospective buyer will see it even before he sees the house. You don’t need to have it landscaped, but you should at least trim the grass, sweep it up, water the plants regularly and make sure it is not cluttered with unwanted junk.

You don’t have to take time off from office and disrupt your normal office routine to visit only one house that real estate agents have ‘handpicked’ for you. Thanks to the concept and ready availability of open houses, you can quickly visit a number of houses for sale in two days flat.



Tidy up

An odd book on the table or a tea cup on a side table sure makes the house feel lived in. but having lots of stuff laying around gives the illusion of less space. Tidy up book shelves. Remove small items from counter tops. Make sure the walls are not cluttered with too many photos or paintings. For your house to be sellable, ask the help of real estate agents.

Check if the sheets are straightened, pillows and covers are kept just so. Make sure all surfaces are dust free. Reorganize the closets and kitchen shelves. All this will not only give the buyer a sense of homeliness and attract him to the house, but will also help you get organized for packing up when you have to leave. You’ll get more ideas from real estate agents if you want to sell your house.

Ask Del Mar real estate agents. They strike deals daily and know what the buyers look for.


A bare window will make the house feel stark and unlived in. Soft curtains in a light material give a sense of space and ventilation and make the room look cosy. Make sure the curtains are clean though.

Don’t forget your wooden floors. You can hire a professional to do the floor sanding.


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