Real estate agent selling your house

The law states that a real estate agent shall not be entitled to the Real Estate Apartment, unless the client has signed the written order to perform real estate brokerage operation, which included all the information prescribed by the Minister of Justice, with the approval of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. For this purpose the regulations stipulate that such order shall state the names, addresses and identification numbers of a real estate agents  and the client; the type of transaction that the act sought her real estate broker, such as rental real estate, selling real estate; description subject brokering real estate apartment; price the requested transaction; agreed upon amount of brokerage fees apartments or apartments brokerage fees agreed of the price at which the transaction will be, and whether the price includes VAT.

The exclusivity period

If given the exclusive broker regarding apartment, and set a period of exclusivity, exclusivity over the same real estate broker after 30 days from the day the client has signed the order. A real estate agent does not arbitrate real estate transaction if he has a personal interest in the apartments or in the transaction, unless the client revealed such personal interest and received the consent of the client in writing.

Last resolved in the case – the court sentenced exclusive agreement signed with a realtor about selling the apartment deal. Terms of the same document by the defendants committed not to resort to exclusivity period other estate agents service and maintain contact with potential buyers only by the “Ministry” whether from the purchaser as a result of “The Office” or not. And more committed they are to pay to the Ministry “brokerage fees Apartments of 2% of the price of sale of the house if sold during the period of exclusivity, whether directed purchasers of the house by the “office” or not. in that deal did not assert a real estate broker, that he had a hand in the conspiracy or that contributed something formulation of the sale transaction. demand (about 45 thousand million) relied entirely on “exclusive right” under the same document. that case paid flat fees sellers of homes filled with a real estate agent Mosman then contacted with the agreement before signing an agreement by which exclusive and, in fact, sold the apartment.

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