Preparing for Your Real Estate Agent Career in Australia

Working as a Real Estate agent for many is a possible career choice, as a matter of fact it is a popular choice among career changers. Being your own boss, having big deals and fancy cars, and working your own schedule can really be promising. Real Estate can truly be a very promising career, however reality bites, it can also be difficult and not many can be very successful and consistent. Becoming a licensed real estate agent requires investment. You need to invest time and money just like with any other career.

You may need to consider these pointers before deciding to become a real estate agent.

  • You need time and money to be a licensed real estate agent. Processing a real estate license can vary from state to state, but you can definitely expect that you need to pay for trainings, tests, and license. When you decide to join real estate agent organizations that are recognized by the local and national government, you should also expect that there are dues to pay as a member. Just like starting any business, you need to invest money, so you better be ready.
  • Becoming a real estate agent will cost time and money, and still it will cost time and money to stay licensed. You will need to renew your real estate license at certain point in time. Renewing your license will and may require you to take certain trainings again which you will need to pay.  Although, if you are working for a real estate company, you may have free trainings as part of your benefits as an employee. This does not include the expenses you have when doing advertising as a real estate agent.
  • It is never easy to work with buyers and sellers. Despite the fact that you are a people person and that you are very patient, there will be times when you would ask yourself – How do I handle this? How can I convince this buyer? There are many issues that may arise when doing real estate transactions; this is expected as real estate involves a great deal of money. You are expected to always be at your client’s side. You have to always be confident and focus to do transactions that will be at your client’s best interest.
  • You may think that being a real estate agent can work anytime they want to. It is not always the case. Yes you may have all the time in the world, however your client may not have that kind of schedule. You would need to adjust with theirs. Being a real estate agent doesn’t mean having a flexible working schedule, it is rather being flexible to your client’s schedule and needs.
  • If you are looking to earn easy big bucks once you enter this career, then you are at the wrong path. It is very common for new real estate agent to starve while struggling their way to the real estate industry. It would take months before you can have your first paycheck. There is no doubt that you can make money in real estate but it definitely will take time. You may be working like hell now trying to make contacts, spending money over advertisement monthly, it may not work for you the first few months but in the long run it will generate profits for you in the future. Becoming a real estate agent will require patience and perseverance.
  • Becoming a real estate agent is truly a remarkable career. If you got what it takes, if you are confident, motivated, hard-working, then the industry will definitely need someone like you on board. However, you have to be realistic, there are cons in this type of career. You need to prepare yourself. Don’t expect too much from it, you need to work for it to become an effective and successful real estate agent.

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