How to Become a Real Estate Agent?

You will find a lot of private and public universities which offer real estate courses and programmes, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many business schools also offer real estate agent courses. You can attend these courses either in person or online.

Full time courses can last for 1 to 2 years, while part time courses can stretch up to 3 years. You can also find real estate courses in colleges which traditionally focus on imparting training in construction, design and architecture. If you don’t find a suitable real estate programme in a university grad school close to your place of residence, you can take up a bachelor of business administration course and specialise in real estate. REIQ holds a good reputation when it comes to offering courses and trainings for aspiring real estate agents

Topics Taught In Real Estate Courses

Majority of the real estate courses concentrate on the topics of real estate development, real estate laws and finance, marketing and sales, real estate investment, urban public policy, urban fiscal policy, international real estate comparisons, real estate entrepreneurship, urban real estate economics and private development. See real estate investment advice.


Once you have obtained your degree and the required amount of insider’s knowledge on how the real estate market works, you need to get your licence. You need to pass state level or national level examinations to get your real estate licence. You may even be subjected to a criminal background check. Licensing requirements and fees and exam fees may vary from state to state. After obtaining your licence, you can either work independently or join a brokerage firm.

Real Estate Agent/Realtor Decision

The last part of how to be come a real estate agent involves joining a national association or body of realtors. Otherwise you cannot really use the designation realtor on your business card. For this step, you need to select an affiliated brokerage firm and attend the meetings of your firm’s local chapter.

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