Tips on Testing Sample Corporate Brochures before Ordering in Bulk

The corporate brochure and flyers are the ultimate symbol of your business image as this is what customers and stakeholders are going to form their impressions by. The quality of the brochure and flyers will have a positive/negative impact on business partners, employees, stakeholders, customers and potential talent pool. One way you can ensure that your corporate brochure or flyer is of excellent quality is by choosing the printing services well. These kind of marketing campaign can boost your company’s sales. Here are some ways you can filter samples given by these companies.

Look at sample papers

Its best that you do some market research to find out what quality paper can you best expect for the money which you are willing to spend for your printing needs. After surveying 4-5 different printing services you will be able to gain a fair idea of the best market quality of paper. Now you can order in sample corporate brochures by your chosen companies and then see the quality of paper offered. Choose wisely because paper quality will ultimately affect printing quality and overall appearance of the brochure. Ideally your brochure should be made of glossy, water resistant paper.

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Keep an eye on the ink quality

The quality of ink used by the flyers printing agency has a strong impact on the way your brochure is going to come out looking. The ink should be high contrast, uniform and aberration free. Carry a magnifying glass with you when you check printed samples of corporate brochures. This will help you filter out work which is not of appropriate quality. Remember that when it comes to getting corporate brochures printed, ideally you should never compromise on the quality.

Choose reliable flyers printing services for brochures and other marketing campaigns for your company.

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