How to Apply For Divorce

The Family Court usually grants an order for divorce if the application for divorce is successful. But divorces aren’t always granted after the first court hearing as the court may require more proof or information. So getting a divorce may take a while. Divorce orders are usually finalised a month and a day after the order is issued.

But the court may choose to shorten this interim period. After this period, with the finalisation of the divorce order, copies of this order of divorce will be sent individually by the court to the respective divorce lawyers or to the two parties, if you don’t have attorneys to represent you, hire a Divorce Lawyer. There are also applications available for filing for fee reduction.

Attend Hearing

You need not attend the court hearing in case of both joint applications and sole applications if there is no issue below 18 years of age.

Hearing Date

Upon filing, you will receive a hearing date and time as well as a file number from the court.

Serve Papers

If you did not take the help of divorce lawyers and filed on your own, you need to serve one sealed copy of your spouse’s information brochure and your divorce application 28 days before the hearing date, provided your spouse resides in this country. Otherwise you have to serve these documents 42 days prior to the date of hearing, provided your spouse lives or is presently overseas.

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