Job Description Of Electrical Contractors

Are you aspiring to become an electrician? While the job can be well paying, electricians face various risks. For this reason, discover what it takes to be an accomplished electrical expert. In addition, learn the specific tasks that electricians do on a day-to-day basis.


While there are various routes to attaining full certification, starting at an apprenticeship level may land new applicants to the top faster than other routes. Usually referred to as apprentices, these electrical people are in need of hands-on skills and experience. In fact, some electrical contractors call them helpers, since they offer a hand in minor electrical installation.

You can do an apprenticeship separately or combine it with the primary course. However, some students start with an apprenticeship in local townships before enrolling in a formal institute. Duties assigned to apprentices include repair jobs, replacements, installation, and maintenance of simple electrical systems.

Typical jobs of the aspiring electricians included repairing broken fuse boxes, wiring electrical outlets, and replacing circuit breakers among other duties. Supervisors, who are already certified electrical contractors may oversee the job to ensure apprentices perform correctly.

Journeyman electrician

In most jurisdictions, you will have to perform a journeyman electrician program before being certified. A journeyman electrician usually works in companies, factories, and businesses. Here, your job entails repairing motor machines and other electrical functionalities. At construction sites, a journeyman does installation of the new electrical systems.

At the end of the program, you will have to sit an exam. The examination usually entails a theoretical paper with questions for which you should provide answers. Additionally, you must demonstrate practical skills for a practical exam.

Master electrician

Master electricians can easily become electrical contractors, as they can handle all electrical projects. While they are highly skilled, they boast of impressive licenses and broad experience. For you to be referred to as a master technician, you should have impressed at a master electrician examination. In addition, you should have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

However, if you have worked as a journeyman electrician for over five years, you can easily earn your master electrician title. These provisions range from one jurisdiction to another. While you enjoy the respect of a master electrician, you are often tasked with enormous responsibilities.

While you assess projects on a daily basis, your work also entails guiding apprentices and journeyman electricians. At the same time, your juniors look upon you to gather electrical permits among other duties.

Only master electricians can apply for certification as electrical contractors. Evidently, the journey is not for the faint-hearted. The benefit of going all the way to the top is that you can open your own electrical business and serve your town’s electrical needs. Or you can contact electrical contractors Brisbane for more professional tip.

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