How To find A Sales Job in Thailand For Foreigners

Think of the way things worked in the job market at home 20 years back. Internet still has a select group of users in Thailand and many companies do not post on online sites at all relying instead on their connections.

You can probably check out some well known Website for your preferred job choices. But there are chances that your search will be long and difficult yielding scant results. Working in Thailand for foreigners can become a real challenge if they overtly depend on the Internet. Job consultants, local newspapers and personal references are the way the market operates here so try to explore those means.

Immigration formalities

Make sure that you get a proper visa authorized from a Royal Thai Embassy before you reach Thailand itself. However, in some cases, the foreigners are allowed entry visa on arrival at certain specific points in Thailand.

Retirement services industry

Besides sales, the retirement services are now a huge hit among people who are looking for jobs after 50. This is because immigration bars to foreign retirees looking for jobs in Thailand have been eliminated by the authorities. Moreover, infrastructural facilities have also been made very helpful for the retirees to live and work Thailand after completing work life at home. This is also a brand new prospect of working in Thailand for foreigners.

Taking up a corporate sales job or public relations job in a hotel would help you to earn up to 24,000 Baht per month that’d be enough to pay for your living expenses. You‘d also have enough to spare for getting around in Thailand.

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