Advantages, Disadvantages and Meaning of Line Markings

Line markings are popular because they are used for roads, fields and even in our property. Line markings can be made from powder and paint, and it can also be applied in different methods and using different kinds of machine. When applying line markings you must take note of the surface where you’re going to put the markings, in every kind of surface, there’s an appropriate and specific way to apply the line marking. Some of the methods are not applicable for wet surface or for a grassy surface like the fields which is the common place to use the line markings.

The reason why line markings are popular is because they are very useful and they have many advantages once you use the line markings, but just like other line markings it also has its disadvantages.

The first advantage that you’re going to experience is it acts as a protector to us and it guides the driver to drive at night safely. There are many accidents that have been reported and the majority of those accidents are car accident, so they thought of a way to avoid experiencing car accidents and that is why they end up using line markings which are very effective. The line markings that are placed on the road can be in different colors, and you should not forget that each color has different meanings.



A white line marking means that there’s a possibility that you might experience traffic, the broken white line means that you can change direction whenever you want as long as it is safe to change direction, when you want to change direction, you should make sure that you won’t hit another car, and the solid white line means that you can’t change direction or it is what you called one lane only and the solid white line are also used for markings the end of the road.

The other color for line markings is yellow. The yellow line indicates that it is a two way road; it is usually placed on the center of the road. Like the broken white line, if the yellow line on the center of the road is a broken line, you can go or pass to the other side of the road as long as it’s safe. If the yellow line is combined with a broken yellow line and a solid yellow line, you can’t go to the other side if you’re in the solid line, but if you’re in the broken yellow line then you can go to the other side. And lastly is when you notice that the yellow lines are both solid, then you can’t pass or go to the other side of the road.  Who provides the best car park line marking service in Sydney?

The disadvantage of using line markings is it can be very expensive, it requires a big amount of money to make it. But if you’re going to buy the cheap line markings, it won’t last long because it can be wiped easily and it’s quality won’t look good once you apply them on the road.

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