Ways to Clean Grouts with a Simple Grout Cleaner

Are you having a problem in cleaning your dirty grouts inside your bathroom or any parts of your house? Then this article could surely give you a great help. I will be sharing to you some simple ways on how to perfectly clean your grouts without having the need to purchase expensive cleaners. You could easily create a grout cleaner out from the things found in your house. There are actually a lot of ingredients for you to create grout cleaners but this article would want to share to you the most effective and very simply to create. The recipe of this grout cleaner is very simple. Take time to read below and be surprised as to how this grout cleaner could actually clean your dirty and nasty grouts.

Things you require:

  • Baking soda


  • Bleach


  • Brush (it could an unused tooth brush or any kinds of small brushes)


1. Combine the bleach and the baking soda in a deep container in order for mixing to be easy.

2. Stir well until it would become a paste like texture.

3. The solution is now ready for application. Apply the mixture to the grouts.

4. Let it stay for at least five to ten minutes for it to properly penetrate and soften the dirty particles in your grouts.

5. After five to ten minutes, you could now scrub the grouts with the use of your brush.

6. Let it stay for another five to ten minutes.

7. Once done, you could now wash the grout cleaner with water. You utilize a hand shower if you happen to be utilizing one.
If you do not have this kind of shower, then you could simply utilize a cloth soaked with water and wipe the grout cleaner.

Do not be despaired if your grout would appear darker. This is absolutely normal when the grouts are wet. Therefore, you should at least wait some time in order for your grouts to become dry and witness how clean and white it would turn out to be.

Here are some necessary things to consider:

Remember that you are making use of bleaches. Therefore, you should wear old clothing for the reason that bleaches would usually splash and create some discolorations on your clothes. That is why you should wear something that you do not use anymore or wear something that would protect you from splashes. You should as well make use of gloves. It would be more advisable if your gloves are made from rubber in order to guard your skin from irritations. Never clean when your windows or doors are closed. Or you could use something to guard your nose.

Homemade grout cleaners are actually very easy and affordable to make. And you could actually search more home remedies for cleaning grouts as there are a lot of recipes out there. You just have to properly choose the best one and the most effective one in order for you to be successful in getting rid with dirty grouts. If you couldn’t do it yourself, contact Grout Cleaning Melbourne.


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