Trims are a Game Changer in Interior Decoration

The trend today is engineered flooring. It is far more stable than solid wood planks, it is pre-finished thereby reducing installation time, the wood can be fitted into an underfloor heating, it is environment friendly, and it can be easily installed. The same is true with Trims. These are square, thin tile-like materials are used for finishing floors in houses. Not only do these supplies add beauty to the floorings of a newly constructed house, these are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. Composed of different sizes and colors, these flooring provisions can also be used as coverings to the floors, tiles, or carpets.

From the roofing to the walls down to the floors, there are new home construction provisions based on the application of high-technology.



Trims are made of different materials. There are plastic inserts of different colors, prestige angle ends that are made out of softer aluminum in silver, champagne and bronze colors, and there are base kits that significantly improve the interior of the house flooring. These impressive squares add to pleasantness of a house. The ash color, which is a combination of light brown and gray is an excellent color to contrast with a dark brown wall. The colors of these materials are designed to enhance the artistic interior of the house and suit the taste of art, design and balance.

Trims may be used in the manner by which such materials are installed on the floors. The Senior Ramp type may be used where timber flooring joins a significantly lower portion. The stairs can also be installed with Senior Stair, Junior Stair or Prestige Stair types depending on the design, length and width of the stairs. Such use adds to the highlighting of the visual appreciation of this part of the house. By and large, the material provision also enhances the tensile capacity of the house structure, especially when wood is used as a basic construction material of the house.

200-square foot flooring would require a smaller-sized prestige universal type, compared to a floor space of 400 to 500 square feet. The availability of such modern materials in the market today attests to the desirability of trims in various parts of the world. These construction provisions are becoming a part of modern house building technology with a wide array of base materials and beautiful colors to choose from, adding beauty and strength to the interior of a house. Other applications include the placement of Prestige Universal types where timber or laminate joins another erected part of the house. Depending on the type of interior lighting used, the floors would always reflect a sense of stability.

Trims and profiles ensure a beautiful finish every time.

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