Engineered Timber Floors for Beautiful Interiors

Impressions matter and so are strength and durability. These are the reasons why more buildings now have floorings that are made from engineered timber floors materials. This is the popular choice among home owners, in offices, show rooms, and even in gyms.

Multi layer

The reason why engineered flooring is so durable is because of how it is manufactured. The flooring is composed of many layers. The engineered timber floors usually have three or more layers of plywood that are glued together. The other types of materials that are used apart from plywood are high density fiberboard and hardwood. But the more expensive ones are composed of more layers, some even up to seven layers. Then the top most layer is hardwood or solid wood such as oak. Some of the tree species that are used for the top layer of the engineered timber floors are Brazilian cherry, ash, hard maple, among others.

This is the reason why engineered floors are very durable. The multi layer is what makes it unique and one of the most durable types of flooring.

Easy installation

The nice thing with engineered timber floors is the convenience of installation. In fact, some home owners can do it themselves. One need not be an expert to be able to do the job.

The cost

Hardwood definitely is the most elegant type of flooring and no one will dispute that, but hardwood floor is very expensive and only the rich can afford it. The engineered timber floors look exactly like the hardwood but the cost is entirely different. If you will undergo home renovations, you will be shelling out a big sum of money if you will choose hardwood flooring. The engineered flooring is a lot cheaper but it possesses the strength and appearance of the hardwood. This is because of multi layers or plywood or fiberboards. Then the appearance is the same as the hardwood because the top layer is made from hardwood.

Styles and designs

Since the top layer of the engineered timber floors is hardwood, you can choose the color and design that fit your home. The color is dependent on the tree species while the design is dependent on the natural appearance of the wood when it was harvested, for instance the insect trails.

Those are just some of the reasons for the growing popularity of engineered timber floors. These are beautiful and affordable.

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