Lighting and Outdoor Garden Lights

The vision of Andrew’s Light Up

Andrew’s light up put it self a goal to allow every family in Australia to light their home  install outdoor garden lights with quality lighting and develop the culture of lighting design, home and garden in Australia.

Andrew’s Light Up sees innovation as an essential condition to lead the cutter of lighting in Australia and making sure to be the creators and innovators in the field and market. The commit the embed innovation in every action and bring it to life in their products at the light accessories they market.

They invest many resources to develop professionalism  of the lighting constants in the shops, and see themselves as professionals in the lighting field. We will do everything to continue to improve this speciality, and all of that to give the client the best product. By improving the appearance of the home with lights, it increase the security and value, which generates a better impression and better outcome when the day of selling has come.

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