Game fishing east coast of Queensland and New south wales

Fishing is probably the oldest hobby there is. For some people, they find fishing a boring activity; some even thinks that fishing is as simple as throwing a hook and line into the water and wait for the fish to fall to your bait. This is a total misconception about fishing. Catching a fish is not as simple as everyone thinks it is, it requires techniques and skills.

So what do you need to know about game fishing south coast? There are different types of fishing such as fresh water fishing, fishing for sport, ocean fishing or simple fishing for leisure. All types of fishing follows different techniques and uses different fishing equipment. Knowing what type of fishing you are planning will help you know what you need.

Do your research, the internet have various tips and information about fishing. You can check on videos to help more on improving your fishing skills. You may also interact with other fishing enthusiast and get advice on how to fish and where the best spots are. You can also read fishing magazines; this will help you know more about your fishing equipment and where to shop for it.

It is also important to know exactly the best time to fish and to take the right equipment. for example the Garmin GPS chartplotters. Believe it or not but fish also have habits, and timing is a big factor if you when you go fishing. You may have the skills and techniques but if you are fishing at the wrong time, you will most likely go home without a single catch.

Summer time is said to be the best season to fish. The best time to fish during this season is early evening till dawn or early morning till noon. This is because the water is cooler at this period and the fish tends to float and look for food. Fish moves to deeper water when the sun is blazing thus it is not recommended to go fishing in the afternoon.

Fishing during fall season is different. During this season, fish tends to stay in shallow waters to stay warm. Unlike in the summer, you would want to go fishing when it’s the hottest part of the day which is noon until sunset. This certainly applies when fishing during spring season.

Now that you know when to fish, find your best spot. Fishing is also about the right location. Once you know all this basic tricks then you sure will catch those fish! Happy Fishing.

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