Function Center

Before finalizing your wedding food, plan your menu in detail with a chef. Asking a professional for advice will help you plan a better spread. It helps to discuss details like the type of guests you are calling, their taste and your own budget constraints with a professional.

Your food should add to the entertainment value

Try not to make your wedding food boring. In fact, focus on the presentation and layout so that the food counter or food in general serves to be entertaining for the guests.

You can achieve this by playing with layouts and colours, arranging things in a professional manner on the dish tray or plates, labelling foods in a creative manner and the sorts.

Examples of using your wedding food to add to the entertainment value involve decorating the cake in an elaborate and unique manner, cutting salads and fruits in a decorative manner etc.

You can choose to seek advice on this from experts at the function center you book for your wedding. After the wedding, go to a romantic place to spend your honeymoon.

Explore new flavours

It helps to explore new tastes and flavours. You can even make your wedding food interesting by keeping separate food counters serving dishes from different nations. New flavours will always help add more gusto to your wedding function.

Don’t plan a wedding dinner

If you are a young couple that is just starting out, you don’t have to plan an elaborate wedding dinner. You can easily go in for a wedding brunch instead! The plan is anyway to celebrate your wedding and marriage with your close friends and family.

Focus on the main goal of the wedding rather than letting the budget get to you with these helpful tips.