The Beauty of Party Boat Hire

No matter what the occasion is, party boat hire is a venue that is different from the rest. Where can you find a party venue that has all the spectacular view in the company of the very important persons in your life. As the party boat hire cruises along the harbor, you will be enchanted with the different sights that will come your way. Every turn, there is always something breathtaking to see. You can hold the party at day time and your guests can even bathe under the sun because comfortable lounge chairs are provided. If you want to party at night, you can even request for a fireworks display for a more dramatic party, especially for weddings.


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Corporate events

Get recognized by holding a corporate event on board a party boat hire. You can introduce your new product and these party boats can help you with all the materials and gadgets that you need in order to have a successful product launching. Party boat hire can provide your company with a state-of-the-art sound and visual systems.

For corporate networking, you can invite your present and prospective clients on board the boat charter Sydney Harbor. It is a party that they will never forget and it is a good way of making a statement among your clients and other business partners.


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Celebrate the most important day in your life on board a party boat hire. They have great kitchen staff who can concoct dishes that are sumptuous. They have interior decorators who can turn the place into an enchanting and romantic venue. They can provide you with music that will even make the occasion more romantic amidst the scenic view of the harbor. If you will hold the wedding at night time, it can even be more romantic because you can request for a fireworks and lantern displays.

Ticketed events

If you want to control the crowd and avoid the issue of gate crashing, why don’t you hold your ticketed event on board a party boat hire. It is a good way to control the crowd in case they get too excited. In addition, you can be sure that no unwanted persons will attend the party because only those with tickets are allowed to get inside the boat.

Social functions

Whatever the occasion is, there is always something for everybody on board a party boat hire. Children can celebrate their parties and fun and games can be done on board. Small and intimate groups can also be accommodated as there are small chartered boats for hire. Party in style and celebrate it on board with a view like no other.

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