Security Add-ons Every Home Must Have

Surveillance cameras are another set of high-tech security add-ons that every modern house or apartment must have. These are quite popular and useful gadgets for home security with plenty of options easily available in the market. Home security cameras include personal hidden cameras, security cameras that are wired to larger surveillance systems and static hidden cameras. As the name suggests, personal cameras are concealed in your clothes or accessories. You can carry them in your shirt/dress, hats, sunglasses, purse or pens and use them for various purposes. Wired cameras are connected to a larger system that is monitored continuously from a distant hub. Such type of camera is capable of recording the surroundings round the clock or only when it detects unwanted movement in a particular area. Do install also security doors at home!

Static hidden cameras can be concealed anywhere to record movement or just about anything you want. Install such cameras above your main entrance or at strategic points around your property to record movement of known/unknown people. However, do remember that recording people’s movements does require legal sanction. Also, as with alarms, security cameras too work best when displayed prominently as prospective burglars will think twice about entering a house that is covered by surveillance cameras.

Security Screen Doors

Alarm systems and cameras are fancy gadgets and if you want something simpler, just take a look at security screens in Brisbane. The best quality security screens are made from either aluminium or steel and designed to resist knifing, jemmying and heavy intrusive force. And the best thing is that apart from providing additional security, such screens block the entry of insects; allow for free flow of air and improve the aesthetic looks of your home.

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