Safety Tips for Asbestos Removal

We all know that if we inhale certain amount o asbestos, we could die. But if the asbestos in your homes are undisturbed and untouched, it is just perfectly fine. You do not have to worry about anything. It will not harm you or any of your family. But what if you think of changing your tiles? What if due to an earthquake there will be cracks on the walls? Asbestos is a deadly mineral so if you decide to remove it, you better call experts to do it because they know how to remove it safely and they have the right tools and equipments to do it properly.


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But asbestos removal is very costly. If you do not have the money to seek the help of Perth house asbestos removals and you decide to just do it on your own, you should first know how to properly do it because by doing it, you are exposing yourself in a great danger. Remember that inhaling a certain amount of asbestos can really be deadly.

Here are some tips on what to do when you remove asbestos by yourself:

1.    Cover your nose with a mask.

We already know that inhaling asbestos is deadly that is why wearing a mask is very important in asbestos removal. It is what will protect you from inhaling the asbestos. Do not just pick a cheap mask because you are dealing with an air that will be able to pass through even tiniest holes. Buy a heavy duty mask to protect you but keep in mind that you are not completely safe with a mask. Know the risks that you are taking before you do it.

2.     Define your area and control.

Control your workspace to avoid the asbestos from contaminating the areas that is not included. Seal the place that you are working on with a tight plastic so that the asbestos will be trapped and you will not have to worry about the breezing air that could possibly carry asbestos to the other parts of your house. If you do not do this, you need to clean all the areas in your house because the air is just circling around. Call the asbestos removal Gold Coast for this task.

3.    Wear the proper attire.

In asbestos removal, you do not want to wear a Sunday dress or just any ordinary dress that you usually wear. The asbestos gets easily attached to clothing so you need to wear a dress that is easy to clean and it should be non absorbent. To make sure that you will not be exposed to asbestos, you can just throw the dress you used. Throwing is better than being exposed to danger.

4.    Proper Disposal

The asbestos is not an ordinary trash where you can just throw it in your trash can. Since asbestos is a very dangerous mineral, it should be disposed properly. You should throw it in a hazardous facility and make sure that this waste facility accepts asbestos because you might just be exposing someone else in a real danger.

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