Interesting Pool Design Ideas for your Backyard

Having your own pool in the backyard is the ultimate in style and comfort for most. The pool is the main hanging out zone for both adults and kids and during outdoor parties; this is where your guests love to gather and gossip. Special water features, unique designs and night lights can make the entire pool and its adjacent areas look dramatically beautiful and luxurious. So if you are about to redesign your premises do include an in-ground pool as part of your landscaping plans. Not only will your home stand out in the neighbourhood, it will fetch a high value in the real estate market too in case you want to sell.

Selecting a Pool for your Backyard

In-ground pools can be designed in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the topography of the land, availability of open space and your budget. You can opt for round or oval pools if you have a family with kids who love splashing around with toys and equipments. L-shaped pools are great if you want to create separate areas for kids and adults. Kidney shaped and free form pools are also quite popular as these look extremely stylish and can be decorated as per your fancy. See Shade Sails

Seamless Pool

A seamless pool where the edges seem to vanish into the surrounding landscape creates an impression of space and openness. Curved steps connect the pool with a patio that acts as the sunbathing areas. Stone pathways are landscaping ideas that camouflaged by a profusion of ornamental plants that obliterate the dividing line between the edge of the pool and the surrounding garden.

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